About Me

Iro Nikopoulou  was  born in Athens and is a creative artist and writer. She  has  studied  at  the Athens School of Fine Arts, and she has  done many exhibitions  in Greece and abroad.  Her most recent personal exhibition took place at the "Peritehnon" Art Gallery (Athens, 2015).  
From 1993 to 1997 she organized cultural events at the women’s prison in Korydallos, where she also gave art lessons. 
Since  1986 she  has  published eight books  of  poetry and prose. She is cooperating with  newspapers  and literary magazines. She has also worked as an illustrator for several literary journals and publicationsHer works  have  been  translated  into  English, Russian, Turkish and Croatian.
She has participated in four international poetry festivals: at the 7th International Izmir Festival in Turkey  (2008), the 1st Balkan Festival in Thessaloniki (2013), the  1st International  Festival of Athens  (2013) and 52nd Goranova Festival in Croatia (2015).
Since 2003 she publishes prose and deals particularly with the short story, and since 2010 is co-managing with poet John Patilis a blog for the flash fiction  “Bonzai Stories”, with whom they created the “Bonzai Anthology  '14”
As if  in a Mirror (novel, 2003),   
Mushroom Omelette (short stories, 2007),  
In  Greek: Riddle,  (short stories, 2013)   
Safe city (short stories, 2015).
Myth of the Wayfarer (1986), 
Expressions of the winter (1993), 
The Wind's (1999), 
Don't  Look for Me Here (2009).
She is a member of  Chamber of Fine Art of Greece, Hellenic Author’s Society and member of  Poets Circle.
e-mail: ironet@otenet.gr

To  enjoy parts of her works: Short Stories, Poems, Critics of her Art work,  please click  Translations